Friday, 27 March 2009

What has happened to rebellion in this country?

Is it me or do young people have no gumption nowadays? Up until the late eighties we used to rise up and fight back everytime the government tried to step on us, witness the poll tax riots, I know they got hijacked, but lots of ordinary people tried to make their voices heard from the young to the old. It used to be the young that stood up to be counted, but where are they now? All the time I hear young people whinging about this, that and the other… well not so much the other! Mainly it's to do with the fact they are bored!!!

I listened to a group of early 20's punk‑looking blokes couple of years back, in a bar talking about Tony Blair, slagging him off, going on about the war and how no one does anything for the youngsters, after listening to this for about 20mins I asked them what they were going to do about it, the blank stares told me a lot, they didn't understand why 'they' had to do something, they thought sitting on their arses complaining would do it for them. One of them had a t‑shirt with the anarchy symbol on it and I asked him what it meant, he replied 'no rules' so I asked him what would he would do if I hit him, he looked worried and his mate said he would call the police, I laughed and walked off.All youngsters today seem to do is get a) drunk b) stoned c) pregnant d) lazy, I did my time as an 'activist' and don't see why I should have to go back to it to help these lazy arseholes, but I do worry that no one is really questioning what government is doing any more, take the smoking ban, I agree with it to an extent but the number of people who have been complaining about it is huge! So why haven't they done anything about it? No marches no dissent… nothing! Is it because they are all stoned?
I blame the New Romantics, before them we had punk, rock & roll, OI and Ska, all types of music designed to make you feel something, go back far enough and you will find songs that stirred the blood, marching songs that called everyone together and helped them fight as one! What song have you heard in the last 20 years that has made people stand up and be counted? Ones that hit the news! I'm not talking about the odd song that a few people get up and dance to, but about songs that hit the headlines, the last song I can remember that caused some proper consternation was 'God save the Queen' by the Sex Pistols and how long ago was that? Since the New Romantics came along and made everyone go a bit wishy‑washy music has become bland, exicting music just doesn't get the chance it used, most money is made by churning out pap for the chav generation, rebellion is being choked for the sake of cash and our kids are letting it happen!

What happened? did the whole country go to sleep and never woke up? Where is the gumption, the tenacity, the sheer bloodymindedness that the British were famous for? If we all did get up and protest, we could paralyse this land of ours. 'Land of ours'? not any more, you are all too lethargic to do anything but moan.Well, at least thats what it feels like to me; were the 70's and 80's the last decades of rebellion? Are you all now rebels without a clue? Then fuck you all, you kids on your scooters, chavs in your Saxos, just you let your freedoms get eroded away, I did my bit and now I have no cause left worth fighting for, my generation is either deserting the country for pastures new or being ground down from lack of support. But I still sling my leg over my black rat of a bike, I still shout the odds when I can and most of all I know I can say that I once stood my ground for what I felt was right, can you say the same?

Read this while you are still allowed to…

(Paraphased from an article from Motorsickle, written by me)


I reproduced this article because with G.20 coming up I feel that people should take notice of what is happening around them, see the history of protests that have disappeared, I have recently seen posters around encouraging people to turn out and attack banks, bankers and worryingly, bank staff, why attack people doing their jobs?
Attacking the banks will solve nothing, but it will give the government more fuel against us, ultimately it is the fault of the government, show them how you feel by writing to your MP, tell them they no longer have your support.
Protest if you must (or while you can) but peacefully, every time someone on a protest commits a crime, it gives the government more ammunition to stop any protests or demonstrations.
Also to be sucessfull you need to mobilse lots of people, unfortunately that will not happen until it gets really bad and by then it will be too late.
While people are content to sit back and let government erode away their freedoms, then it will slowly become the country that no longer allows you to do anything 'for y0ur own good'.
"I have nothing to hide, doesnt affect me!" is so shortsighted, does no one study history any more?

Well I think its time to get out of this country, as I said in the article above, no one will care until its too late. Good luck and thanks for all the fish.


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  1. Loved this, made me really laugh.