Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The 2010 elections, get out and vote!!

Get out there and vote, but first learn about the candidates even the ones you thought you knew, check their backgrounds, check their 'other' jobs, you might be surprised at what 'vested' intesterests some have and dont give me crap about "There is no one to vote for!"
There should be at least one candidate you could vote for, you just need to do the research first, there might be a great independent guy that you have not noticed, if not then get someone to run for MP, I bet you know someone who could do the job?
And I dont want to hear "Whats the point? He will never win!" FSS vote with your conscience, not because YOU want to win, voting for someone else 'because he wont win' is a pathetic excuse, if everyone who thought that, actually voted for who they liked, it would make a massive difference. It would also send a big message to the current incumbents.

Dont abandon your current MP though, if he does a good job, he may be Labour or Tory but if he does a good job, is it worth dumping him just for a protest vote? Do tell him you dont like the party politics, do tell him his party leader is a twat, make sure he knows you are only voting for him locally and not for his party.

We need to see how to change the way we look at our politicians, recent scandals about expenses (Funny that no one noticed when I was banging on about it in Feb 2008) the cushy lives and jobs after they leave, are all starting to make us sit up and think whats going on here? Politics used to be a vocation, now its just another job, is that the way we want politicians to see it? As just another job? All parties are starting to look the same, there are few differences now between the main two parties
But the general public will still wont make an effort, they wont get out there and question their MP's, oh some will, but not enough to make a difference, it is that lazyness that has always worried me, some dont even bother to vote, is this because they really believe it makes no difference or is it, as I believe, that they just dont care, as long as their little bubble carries on making their lives comfortable. People wont vote for a change that will inconvinience them or make them uncomfortable, never mind that the patches; that the current politicians are papering over the cracks with, wont last forever, at some point we have to a take a big fall to cure the ills of society. But we dont want it to be us, so lets keep pushing it back for our children to deal with it.
We have become a society of wasters, a society of selfish people who have lost the feeling of community, if we dont deal with it, our children will have too. So lets get out there and check out the candidates, lets take a good look at what we can do and what we can change, lets get together and discuss it, for we might find that the guy we wanted to for, but we belived was a waste of time cos he wont get in, is the guy we ALL wanted to vote for.

Make an effort for once, learn about the people who will be running your lives, with your money, before its too late (again).

Friday, 5 February 2010

Who am I? An adoption search.

There are several threads on a forum I frequent about my adoption, I have decided to post it all on here as well.

So lets bring you all up to date on what I am doing and why I am posting this in the open.

My brother and myself are both adopted, we have always known this, I have never been interested in finding out about my history or family. I have never really been that family orientated, then a couple of years ago two things happened, first my daughter got in contact after 27 years and that started off a lot of thoughts in my head, then my brothers mother got in contact with him, only to die 8 months later. My brother found he had 7 half brothers and sisters and a myriad of relatives.

So I decided to do a little investigating to find out who I am and where I come from, it turns out, that my (adoptive) mother had put a block on any contact from our birth parents, which they could do in the 50's. It was only after her death that a letter was allowed to go to my brother from his original mother, with a bit of not very difficult detective work and a little help from a certain wonderfully resourceful person on, it looks like my mother and possibly my father are still alive, there are also possibly four siblings, not half ones, around as well.

At this point I stopped and decided to go through the proper channels, it would not be fair for me to just turn up (oh I have tracked them down and know where they all live) they might (though I doubt it, I have been very careful) be the wrong people.
On the 18th of this month I have my first meeting with the adoption counselors, I shall let you all know the result of this.

Now, why am I posting what is essentially a 'private' affair?
Because there is still this stigma attached to adoption, I have spoken to and had emails from a lot of people since starting this, most start by saying 'dont tell anyone but I was adopted.....etc' I find this so sad, why should there be a stigma? It is not our fault, I think there are a lot of people out there who would like to track down their birth parents, but are a little afraid/unsure about the process, so I hope that this thread will help them or at least help them decide what to do.

If any case your first step should be to contact your local adoption counselor, you can find them through google or ask at your council offices/doctors.