Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Writers block?

Well we have finally 'semi-retired' into the country, a lovely little cottage with a really long garden, just a couple of miles inland from Winchelsea beach. Its a fabulous location, the people here are really friendly, the two pubs in the village are equally good (although one is literally over the road) and the view from the house superb.
We can be on the beach in less than 10 minutes, Camber sands is 15/20 minutes away, Hastings 10.
I no longer have to work for a while, so I am trying to put all my effort into writing, and there is the problem, writers block, I am actually writing this to try and get my creative juices flowing again, all the ideas I had for articles, and the books, seem to have evaporated away, or not seem as much as a good idea as I had originally thought.

I really cant work out why, I was all fired up to get started on my writing when we moved here, now I'm stuck in a hell of no ideas at all. This is quite unlike me, normally any excuse to write any old rubbish on the net gets me going, churning out long rambling diatribes has been my signature piece for years, yet I have hit this block, this brick wall of nothingness that stands between me and the many outpourings that I know are there.
What do I need to do to get things flowing again?
Even writing this seems an effort, could this change in environment have caused it? Does my more stress free lifestyle mean I have now lost the edge?

Possibly living and working in London, with a high stress job had a big influence on what I was writing, it may have been the outlet for my frustration, could losing all that have taken the bite out of my musings?
I think it more likely that my mind needs to adapt to the new life we have chosen, it will take a little time for my brain to adjust to not having any pressure, not having to worry about getting up to go to work (I still wake at silly o'clock in the morning out of habit) the only pressure I have is to get the garden watered, or to decide where to go for lunch, maybe I need more than that, maybe I need the stress to enable me to write? I certainly hope not.

Watch this space.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I hate kids.

Looking after two 12 year old girls is not a job for an old school biker.
You cant take them to the pub or the local pole dancing club (although why anyone would want to watch polish builders dance in a bar is beyond me), me missus and her daughter buggered off to the pub last night and left them in my care.
Muhahaha.... or not as the case may be, I have never wanted kids, I cant stand them!!
But seem to have loads of the buggers around, I think Ruth has got about 50 kids!! Or it feels that way, moving to the seaside (or as near as damnit) to relax and review my life, may not have been such a good idea. Its the school holidays and Ruth has a granddaughter... ho hum... Megan and her friend are here for the duration, I now know how Eastenders felt in the blitz! What do you do with two pre teenage girls who going on 27. Answers on a postcard, and not crude ones please! (Shut it Jamie!)
And now I disover we get rid of her friend tomorrow, only to collect another one at the weekend, and she is staying with us, in the camper, until we get to Ireland in 3 weeks time!
I must have done something seriously wrong in a previous life.