Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I hate kids.

Looking after two 12 year old girls is not a job for an old school biker.
You cant take them to the pub or the local pole dancing club (although why anyone would want to watch polish builders dance in a bar is beyond me), me missus and her daughter buggered off to the pub last night and left them in my care.
Muhahaha.... or not as the case may be, I have never wanted kids, I cant stand them!!
But seem to have loads of the buggers around, I think Ruth has got about 50 kids!! Or it feels that way, moving to the seaside (or as near as damnit) to relax and review my life, may not have been such a good idea. Its the school holidays and Ruth has a granddaughter... ho hum... Megan and her friend are here for the duration, I now know how Eastenders felt in the blitz! What do you do with two pre teenage girls who going on 27. Answers on a postcard, and not crude ones please! (Shut it Jamie!)
And now I disover we get rid of her friend tomorrow, only to collect another one at the weekend, and she is staying with us, in the camper, until we get to Ireland in 3 weeks time!
I must have done something seriously wrong in a previous life.

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