Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Why you should vote.

On the 6th of May, you all get the chance to vote for your MP's.
A couple of things to remember before you cast your vote, and you should vote, even if you cant think of who to vote for.

Dont vote against a good MP, if your MP is a good one, but you dont agree with the party, vote for him anyway and let him know you are voting for him and his good works, not the party he belongs too. There is no point in getting rid of one good man, maybe you dont agree with the party anymore, but that is no reason to dump someone who does a good job.

If you cant think who to vote for, then vote for the person who is nearest your views, I would even advise voting for an independent, if he is a local man or woman and knows his stuff, give him a chance. But dont vote for him/her if they are not capable of doing the job, this defeats the object of the exercise.

One of my pet hates, is people saying "I really like him but he has no chance, so I'll vote for someone else", I know from personal experience how this can work against, not only the candidate, but the people who would like him to get in.
Vote with your beliefs, not because you want to be voting for the winner or because you want to stop someone else, all the parties are saying what a disaster it will be if the other fellow gets in, they are not actually telling us what they will do.So go with who you think will do the best job in your area.

What they are also not telling us, is that whoever gets in is going to have to upset the general populace to get the economy back on track, believe me, when they get going it will hurt, unless we want to end up like Greece (and it could happen) then we have to knuckle down and get this country back on its feet. We really need to vote for people that will sort out all the problems, not just keep us 'comfortable', by continuing the status quo things will only get worse, all we are doing is pushing the problems further down the line. And the further we push them the worse they will get.

So get out and vote this thurday, but do it for the right reasons and vote for the people that you believe can do the most good.


  1. Unlike many elections, the result of this one is not at all clear in advance. There are at least two good reasons for voting - one is the get the MP you want, and the next is that with a hung parliament highly likely, the total national votes for each party will give that party bidding power at the negotiations for the coalition that may come forward.

  2. After much deliberating I have decided to use my vote based on local issues. I have become far too disillusioned with the election at a national level, all of that spin and counter spin. Last night I sat down and read the information posted through my letter box and have made my decision based on that. To be honest only one of my local candidates has stated what they personally stand for. The others just seem to be spinning the party line. That same candidate was delivering the leaflets yesterday and not some minion, that counts for something in my eyes. So I have made my choice based on local issues

  3. Please don't tell me how to vote and what is classified as the wrong and right reasons. Surely it's up to the individual to determine that rather than listen to your dogma.

  4. Anonymous, I'm not telling you 'how' to vote, I'm saying that you 'should' vote, not even that you must, it is entirely up to you if you vote or not, it is also up to the individual to read whatever they like. What I have posted is not dogma, it is opinion, something everyone is entitled to, and how would any individual decide without reading or listening to different opinions, unless of course you are saying that my opinion is worth less than someone elses.
    So, what are the right or wrong reasons? Can you tell me? Why did you read this blog? The title makes it quite clear what is is about, yet you dont want anyone to tell you how to vote?

  5. Fair point. What I meant was that tactical voting should not be discouraged if the voter wants to do it

  6. Egg on your face now?