Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Art, a personal view.

Wandered around a couple of exhibitions the other day, art is a very personal thing, but sometimes I wonder if what we are sometimes 'told' is art, really is.
This is not meant as a proper review of any of the works here, this is a just my personal opnion of two very different works and a look at my own quirky view of art.
The first exhibition was by Norman Cornish, a very narrow view of his life in Spennymoor, I wont go into the details of his life as they are irrelevant, this is just my view of his work.
I had a problem at first with his distorted perspective, probably because of my engineering and technical background, then once I got past that, I found a wonderful series of studies of life in a mining village. His facial studies show he was a man who knew faces, there is a warm depth to his work that you feel, the street scenes have a sense of fun, I felt none of the bleakness that other artists of that ilk convey.

From Norman cornish I went into an exhibition by a gentleman called William Tucker, I had never heard of him, I hope not to bother again, I could not make head nor tail of his pieces at all, when I first view a piece, I always avoid reading any signs nearby, so as to form my own impression; of what the artist is trying to do, from the works at Kingsplace in York way, I can only assume he was constipated. The works were formless and made no sense to me. I got no feeling of, well, anything from them, they reminded me vaguely of an animated claymation series called 'Red and Blue' other than that, they did nothing for me whatsoever.

I have no problem with modern art, I love Rothko where as most of my friends dont get him, but the works of William Tucker did nothing for me, art should have an effect of some kind,
be it disgust, admiration or amusement etc, but to have no effect at all is wrong. Maybe its me?
Perhaps I no longer see art as I used to, I did have to 'learn' about art many years ago, I had a very good teacher in one of my ex-girlfriends, she helped me to 'see' art, whereas before that I would have dismissed most as rubbish.
Maybe I need to get out more, we do not get many chances to visit galleries these days, although that will change very soon. Personal perference can be a volatile thing, it can change from the smallest of influences, as I get older, I find myself drawn towards more traditional art over the modern, yet I suppose it comes down to what pleases my eye, our preference in art should be no more than that really, I always remember being told, if you are going to buy art, dont buy for investment, buy it because it pleases you. Very wise words.


  1. That was a complete wast of 5 minutes of my life reading this nonsense. Thanks for directing me here from Volkszone.

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