Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Apathy poem

Stand up stand up
be counted
Stand up stand up
this once.

Dont sit at home
dont sit and moan
dont be fool
or dunce.

Get out and
make the effort
get out and
join the fray

Content are you
to let others work
as your freedom
ebbs away.

Will you shout
about injustice
will your voice
be one that's shrill.

Or will you sit
in front of tele
while it slowly
saps your will.

Do you moan
about the petrol
your tax
and VAT

While you sit
in pub
with glass in hand
drinking G&T

We try to fight
your corner
but you think
we protest too far

The demo has
delayed you
stuck sitting
in your car.

You will never
join the demo
never make your
voices heard.

Content to sit
and complain
as your freedom
again is curbed.

I also know that
my poetry
will fall upon
deaf ears.

As you will
never change
its been this way
for years

The government
they have you
trapped in a
comfort zone

To rock the boat
un-nerves you
so all you do
is moan.

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