Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Titles that mean nothing?

Just what does the title of this blog mean?

Nothing. I just made it up, all the ones I wanted have already been snatched and used (very badly I might add) for the most ridiculous of pastimes... blogging.

As you may have guessed this is my first blog, I have no real plan for it, except maybe to rant a bit and reproduce some of my inane ramblings from other websites here. Hopefully this will keep one or two of you amused for a few minutes, maybe it will make one of you think, whatever it does I hope it will, if nothing else, help me remain sane. There are things that I sometimes need to get off my chest, ranting to my mates on the forums I belong to does not seem fair on them, so I'll just post on here and save them the barrage of vitriol thats exudes from me everytime I see an MP on the television.

As for the title, perhaps there is a method in my madness, we shall see.


Jake Willis

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