Monday, 30 March 2009

G.20-Are you going to demonstrate?

I'm not, I have a feeling it will get hijacked again, I was distressed at the way the poll tax riots reduced a very large protest which would have made a big difference, into a riot which helped the government ignore the wishes of the people.

I was very pleased at the Sunday demo, very big and very peaceful, lots of ordinary people came together and showed the government their unhappiness with the way things are being run, problem is, the government does not listen, even with that large turnout, this is why 'others' turn to more direct action, they feel they are not being listened to. In amongst them are those who enjoy violence and this is where it starts to fall down, once the hijackers take over events snowball, more and more people get caught up and the situation deteriorates rapidly, fear makes the less inclined to violence panic, once fear and panic sets in, the ones that want to take advantage make their move.

I really hope there are no problems on Wednesday, I hope that it is a massive peaceful protest that puts across a strong point, but I doubt it, it is too good an opportunity for those with hidden agendas.

If you are going good luck.


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