Sunday, 29 March 2009

Virtual bikers?

In the last few weeks, I have been hearing more and more complaints about 'virtual' bikers (and others types on different forums), these guys appear on various forums and do not appear to exist in real life.
Most seem intent on stirring some form of trouble or spreading rumours, I have already had a couple of 'virtual' run ins with two of their ilk, to the extent where I have sent a private message, including my address, asking for theirs in return with no response at all. Both seem to have disappeared from those forums, although I suspect one has reappeared in a different guise (I am watching you) what was the point of coming on all keyboard warrior? Did they not think they might be caught out?
They could talk the talk .... and thats it, these keyboard warriors are starting to really annoy me, they feel safe behind their keyboards, in their little fantasy world they feel secure, they feel they can insult and deride anyone they like, to what purpose though? I really do not understand what they are trying to do, is it that their own little lives are so boring this is how they get their kicks?
Well if they want a little bit of adrenaline they have to remember a couple of things, some of the bikers on the internet are experts in computer technology, most keyboard warriors are not, tracking people down via IP addresses is not easy, but combined with a bit of intelligence and the fact that most keyboard warriors let a few 'facts' slip it can be remarkably easy, if you know how, to track people down.

So Bad Dog Triker or Dave ******* of Ruislip and Phychorider (SIC) or Clarence (I kid you not) ********** of Dudley, be very careful, some one is watching you.


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  1. I share your sentiment entirely, Jake.
    It's a bigger issue than just plasic-wannabe-psuedo-virual-bikers.
    These plebians have found t'interweb and are in every forum there is.
    Just last night I was browsing a forum discussing the relative merits of being able to speak English if you live here and blow me down if over half of the comments from so-called proud Englishmen were illiterate abusive nonsense.
    I think you hit the nail on the proverbial head with words like 'sad' and 'boring'.
    They do think they can't be found but I'm sure you are aware how easy such a search can be when they use technology to spread their bile.
    I don't pretend to know how but I know a man who does