Tuesday, 31 March 2009

An alternative to protest marches?

Protests no longer have the impact they used to, except maybe in a negative way, is protest still a viable form of opposition to the government? Can protest still get its point across without being hijacked or 'used' to cause trouble thus reinforcing any bans regarding all forms of protest?

Whatever happened to voting? Remember that? When we all use dto get off our arses and pop into a polling booth and vote? Ah I remember, '"It wont make a difference who we vote for they are all the same." and thats your excuse is it? Sitting on your arse letting other people run around to do the work and then just complaining because the same old faces get in time and time again.
I hear this so often, "Wont make a difference" "No point in voting for him, he wont get in..." but just think ... what if, just maybe, you voted for someone like the monster raving loony party? What sort of message would that send to the government? I'm not actually saying you should vote for them, thats an example....

Complaining that someone will not get in, so you will not vote for them, does not make any sense! Of course they will not get in if you do not vote. You want to make a difference, you make an effort! Get talking to your friends, ask them what they think and then if you have one friend who sounds like they could do the job, raise some funds and get them in as a candidate. If enough of you do this you could really frighten this current government and possibly get someone in, if you campaign hard enough.
The system in this country is designed to put off timewasters and loonies, but it also stops legitimate people from running as they cannot afford it in time or money, to this end they either have to have a large amount of disposable income, be sponsored by a company, private individual or by donations, but who will give money to an unknown?

If you really want to change things then YOU have to get out there and do some work, find someone you can believe in and support them, help them, even if you just offer a little time. Then talk to your friends and work mates, tell them you believe in this person and get them to help too, persuade them, if you believe they will believe. Enough of you together can change things, but you have want it very badly, sitting back and not helping because you might miss Coronation st or Eastenders, or want to go to the pub instead of handing out a few leaflets, or even not bothering to vote, this is what keeps the current incumbents in power and while you do nothing, nothing will change.


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