Saturday, 11 September 2010

The story so far....(Adoption)

I have tracked down an uncle and two aunts, we recently moved to the south coast and we have discovered my uncle lives less than 6 miles from where we are now, and my aunts not much further!
How random is that?

No trace of my mother so far, very odd, I cant find her or Mr CQ her husband easily. The name is a bit too common, making it difficult to collate records, getting there slowly though.
I have found one of my sisters, or at least an address in 2002 about 45 miles away, she was difficult because she had remarried and it muddied the waters. My brothers names are too common to trace, but again I'm working on it.
No trace of the other sister yet.

I'm getting very good at this tracing people lark though, it looks like I have a new skill, it all depends on noticing correlations between datum, I have always been a good problem solver on limited facts. Putting together apparently unrelated information until something clicks, combined with years of searching the internet for odd pieces of information have held me in good stead.
It also means I have accumulated a lot of sidetracking (Husband of one aunt done for D&D after a family tradgey etc) info, but

you never know when it may become another piece of the puzzle.
What does irk me, is that you pay for the use of a website that has some info, then to get the next bit you have to pay again!
I used to have 'access' to a lot of, not restricted, but not public, records, this made things fairly easy, but back then I didnt really need it. Hindsight eh!
Still I have made a lot of progress and I am learning a lot, about how to acquire information in this country. In the USA it is much easier to track someone down.

I have also found a person for someone else, old school friend, they had been looking for 3 years, I found them in 3 days.

Maybe I'll find a use for this skill, maybe not, at present though it is helping me on my journey to find out more about myself.

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