Monday, 12 October 2009

Micheal Jackson 'This is it'

The media circus is in full frenzy again today, as the new single from MJ hits the airways, it is predicted to be the best selling single of all time. No surprise really, the hype surrounding it, down to the ridiculous amount of security that came with it to the studio, to the pre-release rumours and publicity, guaranteed this would be a cynical attempt at money making, And a very successful one a that, here you have a recently dead famous artist, with a massive (in my opinion deluded) fan base, an artist with so much controversy around him, that he generates his own publicity without having to spend loads on advertising.

So after listening to it, what do I think, now I'm not a fan of MJ, but some of his stuff is clever and well produced; just not my thing, 'This is it' though, sounds bland and unfinished, its more like a test run than a fully fledged single, there is none of the MJ feel to it, more like he ran this off to get the feel of it. Personally I think Sony have banged this out to try and recoup some of the dosh they lost, they know the fans will run around in circles praising their hero and snap this up in their millions.

Regardless of how I feel about Jackson, this is a poor single to release 'in his memory'

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