Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Family and funerals.

Been a busy old time for me lately, I had not realised how much hard work it was, being out of work, I seem to be running around filling in forms and chasing jobs all the time and its harder work than working!!

Tomorrow I am off to a funeral in Porchester, my aunt Amy. My family all know I'm a bit of a black sheep and I am totally unreliable in family matters, I do not get around to visiting anyone and do not see them for years.
I did promise myself that I would get down and see Amy after the funeral of my mother, which is now nearly 7 years ago. Where has the time gone?
Time seems to be slipping by faster and faster, maybe it is time to take stock and then make an effort to get out and see more of my relatives.

Amy didnt have the best of lives, her husband was a violent nutter who beat their eldest so bad he spent most of his life in mental institutions, the second eldest ran away because of him at 16 and never came back. Her youngest died of Luekemia 8 years ago. Amy was always pleased to see anyone who visited, she was a lovely lady who deserved a much better life, so tomorrow I will go down there and pay my respects.

I have never been back to my parents graves since their funerals either, despite them being only a 30 minutes walk away. If they are up in the sky somewhere (which they are not) then they would know I loved them, I see no point in keeping graves and tending to them, although my brother does. As I have mentioned before, I do not believe in god or any invisible being hiding in the sky, I believe that once you are dead, thats it, game over, so make the best of it now, in that respect I regret not having made the effort to go and see Amy.
And I am a man of very few regrets.

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