Sunday, 3 June 2012

No bike!!!

10th Feb 2011, on my 56th birthday, I sold my ZZR1100, it needed some work and had no money or anywhere to work on it. I had been riding since my 16th birthday (A little before that really …) and have rarely been without a running motorbike, now I find myself desperate to acquire another. I thought reaching my late 50's might temper my desire for a motorbike, but no, if anything its worse, every time I hear one go past there is a twinge in my heart, especially if its an old Brit. I have this yearning to sell everything, pack some gear, throw Ruth on the pillion and head for Europe, I really need to get away and travel again. Really missing cruising down the roads to the south f France, down through St Remy, Les Baux and on to Arles, fantastic biking roads. Across the plains of Spain to Granada. Down the west coast of Portugal, form Estoril all the way to Capo Rosa. This is what I want to do before I hit 60, I think its time to sell the VW camper and just do it. The craving for a really mental bike has gone*, I fancy something like another FJ1200 or maybe an early SOHC 750 Honda, fantasy bike? A late 70's T140v export, would love to do a run down to the Algarve or Cadiz on one. This WILL happen, I will sort it out, I just hope it doesnt take too long.... *Although there is a Firestorm up the road for £700...... probably do my back in though...

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