Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Time for change.

There is a change coming, I feel it in the air, I see it in the general population, there is a much greater dissatisfaction with the way our country and the world in general is being run, people are starting to organise to protest and fight back, the general apathy that makes people say “We cant do anything about it!” “What’s the point?” “You can’t change the way things are!” is dispelling.
More and more people are starting to ask the question ‘why?’ instead of just accepting the status quo, politicians have shown themselves to be working only for themselves and not the people they represent, this is not true of all politicians, trouble is they are now all tarred with the same brush.
I remember when politicians went into to politics to help people, to guide and help run the country for the people, lately all I see is people who want a bigger slice of a dwindling cake, the ‘notobikeparkingtax’ is a very good case in point, it started as a protest against an unfair tax, then as more information came to light, it became a crusade against a corrupt system that was just abusing its rights and power.
Traditionally motorcyclists are the hardest group to organise against any from of authority, not because they are scared, but motorcyclists are loners, they tend to go their own way, but the way Warren and his friends have worked to get so many bikers out on the streets is amazing!
I also see this as the beginning of a time of change, we should see more and more diverse groups of people starting to fight back against a giant rolling system that takes for granted that we do not band together and stand against our ‘betters’, the general feeling of “They know best” is giving way to a more subtle voice “Is that really in OUR best interests?” Whenever local council, government or any institution in a position of authority brings out a new scheme or law, perhaps we should all be asking “What does it really mean to US?” “Who makes the money out of this?” and even more important “Why were we not consulted?” for we are no longer asked our opinion on anything, we are just TOLD that this is the way its going to be.
We elected these people to work for us, not TELL us what to do, how did we let ourselves slide into this situation?

It is my belief that we should vote more independents into power, people that are local and not just candidates that are put into ‘safe seats’, I’m not saying that we should vote just anyone in, we have to look carefully at any candidate who might be voted into a position of power that could be abused, but maybe it is time we looked at how we can change the whole voting system?
At present we have a very limited choice, from a system that was designed to let anyone run, the rules have been more and more refined to only let ‘certain’ people run for office, this is wrong, I agree that there should be some rules, but the system as it stands actively discourages people from running, people that I feel would be good for the country, people who know the problems in their own area, people who know the local populace and local problems.

Politicians seem to have become more and more distant from the population, how many of you have even met your local MP? A quick straw poll at my office did not find one person who had met their MP, in fact I was the only one out of the 50 people I spoke to who had.

These is also wrong, people should be encouraged to meet their MP, in fact they should actively seek them out and question them, get to know them, find out what they are up to. These MP’s should be accountable, not distant.