Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Market research......Orange

I did this 'market research' thing, for Orange, I was asked how I 'felt' about what their ads were saying to me. I told them I liked the 241 ads as they were amusing, I told them I didnt understand the ones with those stupid cartoon figures making loads of silly noises and pointed out the ad team were either 5 years old or on coke.

Anyway after a load of extremely stupid questions they asked me what I wanted from a mobile phone company, so I told them, I want polite knowledgeable people who are not over familiar, I hate being called by my first name by people over a phone line if I have never met them.
You call me Mr Willis or I call you dickhead.
I also want them to stop this stupid thing of not using capital letters or punctuation in their ads, I know they are trying to be 'down with the textspeak kids' but I find it ignorant and insulting.

Was I wrong? Am I just being an old fart?

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