Friday, 26 June 2009

The power of dreams....

Can someone explain this weird period of mourning for someone that most people have never met?
Sure MJ was a talented musician and a good song writer, but I really can not understand all this ridiculous crying and wailing over his death. Are some peoples lives so sad that they can only relate to a person of dubious moral standards, who was living a life so out of touch with ordinary people that he becomes a complete fantasy figure to some.
Where are we going with this adulation of pop stars and media icons? There have always been groupies and such but this is surely taking things much too far, we seem to be ruled by the television and the superstars that are created to fill our time. Witness the number of people walking around totally insulated from the world with their ipods and walkmans, they go home and talk via the internet and there some people who never seem to have human interaction in the real world. I do know someone who spends all his spare time in a virtual world, He is quite shy and has trouble talking to people, girls in particular, yet in his virtual world he is hero. He lives out his fantasies there instead of gettin goff his arse and living a real life.
He also is quite upset over the death of MJ, as far as I know he was not a big fan, but he is in mourning for him.
There is something wrong, IMHO, when things get to this state, I do not see him upset over the 1000's dying in third world countries for ,lack of clean water.
My father died at the same time as pricess Di, during my period of mourning I was bombarded by the media with images of people in mourning for someone they had never met, I did not understand this and did want this to intrude on my grief.
MJ lived a fantasy life style, rumours persist that he was was a sexual predator of young boys, whether this is true or not I suspect the truth will never come out, yet this is ignored by the general public. Imagine what would happen if the same accusations were made against an ordinary member of the public, adulation and the raising of these 'icons' to the status of gods is a bad thing. We think more about them than the people that we should be thinking about, people that could need our help and support. so befroe you rush out and buy the MJ compliation album, that will only have the same songs that you have already on other albums, think about the vast money making machine that he had become, he made enough money save a lot of starving people. He sold them music instead.


  1. What will happen now is every TV channel and radio station will have MJ 'tribute nights' and the media circus will go into overdrive, with interviews of ppl who went to school with him when he was 5 and who knows a bloke who ownes a dog that shit outside his house when he was 14 etc. Everyone will be force fed MJ. Too the point where it will make you sick of him.

    I was sick of him and the media bollox years ago.


  2. a lot of children will be safe now,
    his money did not save him in the end,

  3. Wether I like to admit it or not (and Im not a Fan so I really Don't) MJ shuffling off was a defining moment in music.
    The sickening thing for me is the corporate wheel is spinning but the Hamster is dead.
    OK Magazine tribute special anyone?
    Specials on the telly........MJ is still dead as a top news story (BBC hang your head in shame)
    Its all a bit much if you ask me

  4. I love people who are too chicken to put their name to a comment. Twat? Very intelligent.

    Spot on Mark.