Sunday, 24 November 2013

Been a while....

Forgot my password for this blog, just worked it out again. Ho hum.... Thats why it has not been updated for a while. At present I am working in Dungeness Nuclear power station, hoping I dont end up looking like Homer Simpson! I have another bike, got a bargain FJ1200 in really good condition, did 3k on it in 6 weeks then needed a front tyre, so its waiting under a cover for that. Should be able to afford one at the end of this month. Been writing a book and am so far about halfway through, struggling to get it finished because of working again... Got a few ideas for other books and some short stories too, I have a finished short story called Encounter, which I am tempted to put on here just to get some feedback. I shall update this a bit more often now! laters folks! Jake

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